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Concept Artist

Edric has been interested in the visual arts for as long as he can remember. From drawing his favourite characters on whatever scrap paper he could find to working on a Cintiq for a feature film– He have always loved to draw, paint and create. His artistic goals in life are to be the best student of the craft and to recreate the same feeling of awe and wonder for others that he gets when he watches a show or movie or plays a game.

After graduating from the Bachelor of Applied Arts-Animation program from Sheridan College, he quickly began working in the animation industry. For two and a half years, he worked as a Flash Animator. The lack of drawing and painting in his day to day work eventually steered him to move into design. This change in his field of focus brought him to Arc Entertainment Inc. in March 2015. There, he found the artistic work that he had been craving and was provided the opportunity to design for popular intellectual properties including: Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie, Tarzan and Jane and Blazing Samurai. Unfortunately, this came to an unfortunate end when the studio fell into bankruptcy late Summer 2016.

When not working on freelance projects, he enjoys filling his free time by immersing himself in studying and honing his skills to become a better artist and designer.

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